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Okay, so, the thing is: my bestest online friend EVER bumped into a manipulative little shit of a friend (that would be me) who got her obsessed with AoS, and she decided to make a Ward.
I can’t even begin to tell you what an ANGEL she is; you should all find by yourselves by following this amazing blog oKAY GOOD ♥


Just throwing this out there
But if anyone ever felt like adding a new muse I’d actually pay for a Queen Athena willing to follow my headcanons (i.e. be Maren Christensen in Storybrooke), because I feel like the relationship between her and her daughter just has to be explored.
And also a King Triton / Christoph Andersen too, because as much as I love roleplaying him, I still log on that blog once in a lifetime and either way I’d love to have Morgan actually interact with him, so, you know—
if anyone was interested, my askbox is open and we can discuss details over skype okay bye ♥

Oh I’m oh so excited for the easter lunch with 30+ relatives I never see who will waste no  time asking about my life and career and love life and weight and judge me.

How fucking nice.

Oh and by the way I AM setting up a OUAT/MARVEL crossover group verse, so if anybody wants to help, you know where to find me

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I’m shit at finishing giveaways, so have a follow forever! Because really, I don’t know why you all are still here, but I greatly appreciate every single one of you!

Those folks that make mine and the ships existence a joy.

thepiratehero : Let me tell you about my dearest Milkshake, without whom this blog wouldn’t even exist. And once upon a time, we laughed about how a ship would even RP. And here she is, nearly a year later, growing and I have her to thank for the best fc suggestion ever. She is and forever will be my soulkilly. My very first RP partner and I will always be eternally grateful for being welcomed into such a (mostly) loving place.

captain-jhawkins: Fuckin’ Charlie, man. Here’s a pirate ship. Here’s a pirate hunter. OH LOOK HOW ADORABLE AND IDIODTIC THEY ARE! LETS CAUSE THEM GREAT PAIN. *boomotp* Yeahhhh. Pretty sure that’s how Treasure Ship was born. But really, such a gem, soooo much talent there and he gives me motivation to push myself into these crazy replies that I still don’t know where the words come from.

piratecaptainhook: You know it’s true love when they agree to marry you after like three inbox exchanges. And then proceed to watch shit movies on Netflix with you when you can’t sleep til 7am. Insomnia is a bitch, but Tay is the bestest ever and has made those nights sooo much better.  We have the best Captain Ship brotp ever. Really, it’s all I could ask for in a Killian/Jolly relationship. The love is there, the friendship is there and they still know how to piss each other off. It’s glorious. And I thank the tumblr gods for stumbling upon her.

hookontheroger: Lemme splain you a thing about Tabby. Tabby is wonderful, Tabby is fine, and as a rp partner she will blow your mind! But really, another one of those splendid Killians that I’ve had nothing but Joy writing with, no matter the account. She puts her all into her replies and will spend an afternoon ranting about the things we all would love to change. Or flailing over pretty things. Or HP. Or whatever. I simply adore her, and  have cherished the time in which we’ve gotten to know each other.

brokenspindle: Juni…I will never have enough words for Juni. I’m not the biggest ouat Aurora fan, and Rora is my favorite Disney princess. But I LOVE her Rora, and her never ending verses, and the crack Christmas memes that sprouted a ship out of nowhere. She’s one of those people that brighten up my day when I’m feeling down, whether it be because I’m tired, or just need a pick me up.

hookedpirate: another one of those people who were a great deal of help when I was getting my ship started. It was a hard search for  a Killy who was willing to keep their relationship in the brotp level and I value that sooooo much. Nina is also such a wonderful person to talk to. Our rp relationship started off a rocky ask on my Milah account, and it quickly turned into a wonderful thing. She’s a doll, and I hope her muse stops being a pain in the ass because she’s still one of my favorite Hooks out there.

thewinterhearted: No listen, it’s lovely to have someone to flail with all my Disney fan girl things with. And all my other fangirl things with. We should have done the thing sooner, because I’m totally keeping you. And…she gave my elf bbs and for that we will be eternally grateful.

thelittlecharmerhenrymills: For someone who gets a lot of shit for being who she is, I want to give her all my love. There is a big heart in that adorable little body, and I just want to squish her to death. It’s been great to have a kid to play off the ship; even when they sass each other til the other is angry. It really is a beautiful thing

hookanddagger: My piano playing mistress (THEY ALL KNOW NOW), Such a great person and a wonderful Hook who isn’t afraid to take the woobie out of him. There is nothing but love here, for both the mun and her muse.

asyou—wish: Someone who understands all of my Captain Ship feels in the way they are meant to be understood. I’m pretty sure we could whine at each other until the other basically fell asleep on their keyboard.

piratecaptainjonesYOU are the sweetest thing ever! And we miss you to pieces. (even if we play with dark Killy more here). Killian just turns into this adorable puppy when they get together, or super protective and the mun is literally the sweetest thing to walk the planet. 

theoldestjones: Just come let us continue to mother Liam, okay? I’m so very glad you are back, and now we can have all the family things.

I really wish I could go on and write how much I love you all, but we would be here for days. But those are the people Jolly interacts with the most, as well as ooc.

And now to the ships ever faithful crew…If you’ve multiple blogs…I’m only counting one. (I ain’t got no time for that!)

ahbutimavillain, alleras-of-izalith, alwayswaslxst, andrea-malfoy, asinkingsiren, ask-captain-killianjones, asyou—wish, brokenspindle, brothergilbert, captain-jhawkins, colourfulmoniker, doyou-knowwhy-theycallme-hatter, dragon-king-of-nathair, ducklingturnedswan, forbiddenfromthesea, heartfullofvengeance, honorablepirate, hookanddagger, hookedpirate, hookontheroger, littleteacupwolfgracie, once-a-huntsmanorpheusofthesea, piratecaptainhook, piratecaptainjones, piratequeenhook, praedxnum, quitecommontinkerfairy, rightofmidnight, spinnersdaughter, thelittlecharmerhenrymills, theoldestjones, thepiratehero, theprinceofbriars, thewinterhearted, ticktock-killthecroc, twisted-but-pretty

And if you are not here, I might have just forgot you, so don’t be sad. I love all of you soooo, so much, and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know you all!



Brand new AOS indie rp blog
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Grant Ward
  • Mun is +21 (NSFW content is likely to happen)
  • Main verse sticks to canon
  • Multi-verse, multi-fandom and multi-ship
  • Any kind of interactions (one-liners, paras, multiparas, etc)
  • Always open to plotting

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                                                                    a part of me is lost at sea
                                                            where the tides are far too strong ]
                                                                       and the air  I  b r e a t h e
                                                                        will suffocate my lungs 

What have I become? 

Alright, Morgan’s being an uncooperative little shit lately and alrhough I think some random asks/memes might get her out of hiding, I also believe that some new, fresh plots is what we really need; so, if you want, like this post and I’ll take a look at your wishlist, and come give you a call if I find something I like, okay?


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askmikewarren said: |||||: Skyeward for the ship thing

send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when or if I started shipping it.
          I think it was probably with 1x03, with Ward training Skye and all of that that I started really liking it. Then “Oh my god, superspy’s ticklish!” happened and I was already shipping them. The rest has been a slow and painful spiral of shippy feels and pain |:
  • my thoughts:
         I can’t even begin to tell you how much I ship them, or why. I know some people find it predictable, I know some would rather have Ward with May or Raina, but I honestly just adore it, it just makes so much sense. It’s rare to have two characters with that much on-screen (and off screen too tbh) chemistry, and they, in a way, complete each other? Besides, they’re not super fluffy or super angsty, they also have a crapload of comic potential, and I don’t know, I just ship it like fedex |:
  • What makes me happy about them:
         I love, absolutely ADORE when they team up to get shit done, and start completing each other’s sentences to the point they could even high five when they’re done out-sassing the others. 
    And I love the fact that he’s a sourpuss but he melts when it comes to her okay. 
  • What makes me sad about them:
         AH. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. I refuse to answer this.
    I’ll just use the “I DON’T WANT TO SPOIL MY FOLLOWERS” excuse and refuse to answer this.
  • things done in fanfic that annoy me:
         When they make it extremely fluffy, like Skye’s nothing more than a cute girl and Ward’s a lovesick puppy, it just pisses me off to no end. She still has trust issues, he’s still a tin man, you need to emphasize that, they can’t just change from one moment to the other just because they’re in love, it’s not how it works.
  • things I look for in fanfic: 
         The thing is, I’m not a big reader of fanfiction. Most of the time, they just annoy me because dialogues aren’t written the way the screenwriters would, or they’re just terribly OOC or w/e. Then Skyeward happened, and now I’m loving all kinds of drabbles and oneshots that are just angsty enough to bring me to tears even just thinking about them. So, in a word, I look for angst, pure, heart-wrenching angst |: As if the show wasn’t enough yet.
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: 
  • My happily ever after for them:
         Level 10 Agents kicking ass together. That’s the dream ♥
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:
         Duh, Ward is. He’s so protective of her he sleeps with a gun under the pillow (but Skye doesn’t know that because when she sleeps bombs could explode and she wouldn’t even realize okay).
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity:
         Playing Call of Duty for HOURS and then making impressions of the other team members, especially if Fitzsimmons are around (also, pulling pranks on Fitzsimmons, definitely).