I won’t go H O M E without you.

                                                       There is no place to call home without you.

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Are you sure you don’t want any payment? I honestly don’t mind. Plus i’d feel bad if it were any sort of trouble and I couldn’t compensate you for it?

Lex are you serious right now WE’RE FRIENDS |: I’m glad I can make something my friends actually need, come on |:


    So, I’m going to bed, and I’ll try to make replies tomorrow even though I have that job interview so I’ll be panicking for the whole day; I’m not entirely sure, but I think I’m going to drop a lot of threads that have been idle for a while, and probably clean out my asks as well, since right now they’re too many and they freak me out. I realize it’s a dick move, and I shouldn’t have let them gather in the first place, but it’s happened and I won’t move forward unless I delete them, so… sorry.

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I would be really willing to pay you to make a thing for Phillip? If that’s something you’d be willing to do? Feel free to turn me down.

DUDE. I don’t want any payment, just send me a picture and some lyrics/songs for inspiration and I’ll get on that? ♥ 
(and the picture would be PERFECT if it was some sort of profile, possibly with his mouth closed; those come out best, but I can work with anything obviously!)

       Just saying, but if any of you wanted a background drawing like the one I have on my blog or on Skye, please feel absolutely free to ask me for one. My muse is iffy lately so I’m spending a lot of time drawing and I love it; the thing is, I’m not skilled with the tablet enough to make drawings of my own yet, but if you have a picture I can use it and try to make something good out of it.
It might take me a while, but it’s really not a problem for me, I’m actually really looking for this kind of stuff to do.

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"★ ☑"

; munday questions.

★ During your time with your muse, what has been your favourite thread? 
Oh jeesh, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve had a LOT of favorite threads but they mostly depend on the verse, and I’ve loved them all in different ways, mostly? I do have one favorite thread for each verse though, even though most of them got dropped/archived. I just can’t pick one single one, not because I don’t want to hurt  people (I mean, that too) but mainly because they’re really my favorite in different ways |:

☑ What is your most unusual, but favourite OTP? 
WOW I suck at these questions I really have no idea |: if I were to read “unusual” as “different” from my other ships then it would probably be the lighthouse, with theinfamouscaptain, simply because the way I play Morgan there is completely different from any other verses and even so it’s grown terribly on me. 
But I don’t really have any unusual couples, or at least I don’t think I do |:
OH OH NO WAIT Helena & The Ghost with kurt—rps. Yep.

A new Munday post on the block! 


★ During your time with your muse, what has been your favourite thread?
◆ If you had been born into your muse’s world, who would you be and what sort of life would you have?
☂ What are your favourite words?
● Admit to three guilty pleasures and/or embarrassing facts about yourself
♣ Out of all of the characters in your muse’s world, which would you be proudest to have had as your own child? What would you feel about their life choices?
☑ What is your most unusual, but favourite OTP?
☀ List three of your favourite things
♫ What was your very first fandom?
♥ Recommend one book, one movie and one song.
♔ Out of all the ships that you have/have had with your muse, which one was the most unexpected?


Ginnifer Goodwin, Bryce Dallas Howard, Olivia Wilde & Emily Rossum

giveaway! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ;; 


                                      started ;; 28th september. 

      so it’s that time again when i’m  shocked  at  my  follower  count
      and  this  is  the  only way i know how i give back to you. i enjoy
      making you guys things because they make you happy  and  to
      know  i’ve  done  that  is  all  i  can  ask.  this time it’s different (
      thanks to an amazing person letting me work around with there
      coding ) i’m having a go at making themes! so one  winner  will
      get  a theme and two other winners will get what ever graphics
      they want! — ends a few days. mbf me. roleplay accounts only.
      likes & reblogs count.

                                                                              examples ;;

                                                                themes ; i - ii - iii - iv
                                                                theme backgrounds ; i -  ii - iii  
                                                                self promo banners ; i - ii - iii
                                                                online & offline banners ; i - ii - iii
                                                                url graphics ; i - ii
                                                                icons ;