; A mix for Allie bc I like hurting her feels. Enjoy.

 Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine // You Really Got Me - The Kinks // Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? - Arctic Monkeys // Boys Don’t Cry - The Cure // Man Like That - Gin Wigmore // Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash // Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet // Changes - David Bowie // Happy Ever After - Gin Wigmore // Ride - Lana Del Rey // How To Save A Life - The Fray // Landfill - Daughter // Sweet Hell - Gin Wigmore // The Worry List - Blue October // Old Money - Lana Del Rey // Mary Jane - Alanis Morrisette // If Only - Gin Wigmore // Criminal - Fiona Apple // Prize Fighter - The Killers // Happy Together - Filter (unavailable on Spotify)

     1989South Side of Chicago; over clueless  families,  safe  schools and empty churches rules but one king — and that is not the Mayor, not the President, nor the Pope. Not even  God. No, in the South Side there is but one god: the Ace
He and his thugs rule over every sort of crime that could be possibly committed —  countless cops are on his payroll, and countless buildings are crowded with his money and weapons.
But you don’t get to build an empire without making a lot of enemies, and somewhere along the way he’s made powerful ones. They’re nothing more than reckless kids, but the kind of reckless that comes out of the need for one thing only: revenge. 

——————————————— t h e g a n g ———————————————

    Morganthe Widow; Morgan took over the leadership of the gang when the Ace killed her fiancé, the former leader; everyone, however, thinks she’s just one of the gang’s thieves. 

   Julia; the gang’s whisperer; her job is to hang around at Ace’s clubs and get news and important information out of his men, whispering them into Morgan’s ears.

   PhilFido; Morgan’s closest and oldest friend, a cowardly con man who, most of the time, will do anything the Widow asks of him. 

   James, the Ambassador; the one people think is the leader of the gang, since a female leader would never be respected.

  Namethe Cashier; the master of coin of the gang, a sly figure nobody really trusts, especially with their money.  

  Darcythe Ladybug; waiter at the bar where the gang run their business, always on lookout to repay the protection Morgan has granted her. 

  Sylvesterthe Tweety Bird; owner of the gang’s bar, and the kind of person who hasn’t heard or seen anything ever.

   + (pick your role!)

—————————————— t h e e n e m y ———————————————

Chester Lewis, the Ace; Ace rules over the South Side and over every kind of trafficking; drugs, weapons, hookers and gambling — he’s got them all.  

    Annie, the Queen of Hearts; head of the city’s biggest brothel, and Ace’s first lady.  

    Mike, the Joker; part of Ace’s gang for too long, and now, growing tired, he’s selling away secrets to Julia.

   (open roles), the Mice, a group of drug dealers that mostly deal Ace’s stuff, although the Widow’s gang is trying to buy them.

     (open roles) — all his thugs & affiliates.

—————————————— t h e p a t r o l ——————————————— 

Paige Arkin, the Detective who’s made her purpose in life of finally throwing the gang’s asses in jail. 

     (open role) — every cop & detective on a hunt. 

H O W  T O  A P P L Y ;
— message me (asinkingsiren), specifiying a) which muse you want to join with, b) what role you would want him/her to have. Please make sure your muse’s personality somehow fits into the role. Acceptance may be selective.

R U L E S ; 
— please be warned that the verse might contain some heavy triggers, including drug & physical abuse, violence and gore.
— track the tag v: a history of violence and use it to tag your starters/ooc posts for the rest of the group. 
— post and reply to starters.
— have fun! ♥


Oh, isn’t it always?”


“Apparently not.
 And it better change.
 What is it?”.


; A mix requested by some of ya’ll for some inspiration. A nice mix of 70s/80’s and a few more recent sounds that should appeal to all tastes. Best played on shuffle. Enjoy.

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked - Cage The Elephant // Barracuda - Heart //Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore // Criminal World - David Bowie // Dance Little Liar - Arctic Monkeys // Florida Kilos - Lana Del Rey // Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar // If You Were There, Beware - Arctic Monkeys // Kill of The Night - Gin Wigmore // Mercy - Duffy // Money Power Glory - Lana Del Rey // One Way Or Another - Blondie // Pa Pa Power - Dead Man’s Bones // Pretty Baby - Brendan Benson // Rebel Yell - Billy Idol // Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac // Rumour Has It - Adele // Sinister Kid - The Black Keys // Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson // Some Unholy War - Amy Winehouse // Tainted Love - Soft Cell // The Baddest Man Alive - The Black Keys // The Criminal Kind - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers // Tusk - Fleetwood Mac // Uncle Jonny - The Killers // West Coast - Lana Del Rey // You’re The One That I Want - Lo-Fang


      tired, tired, tiiiiired.
      I’m gonna be watching
      some eps of the office
      & then hit the bed, so
      if anybody wants to talk,
      I’m on kik (hover). 
      night babies ♥

adriansaddictions: Θ - If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

; munday questions!

1 — get more self esteem and/or willpower.
2 — be able to make people actually happy.
3 — find that cheesy sappy fairytale called love.

adriansaddictions: @ - Your top 3 favorite celebrity crush?

; munday questions!

Oh god, only three? Frick.
Okay, uhm — probably
Gemma Arterton, Michael
Fassbender & Tyson Ritter
mainly because they’re the
tags I visit the most. But
then, god, Gerard Way,
Katy Perry, Jennifer Garner,
Emily Rose, Chloe Bennett,
Brett Dalton…

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£ - Random fact about the muse?
¥ - A photo of you?
ƒ - Do people ever mistake you for another age?
ñ - What is your ultimate OTP, broTP and nOTP?
▒ - Do you need certain things to help you sleep (nightlight, fan, stuffed animal or blanket)?
Φ - If you could pick three people on tumblr to meet irl, who would they be?
╕ - Things that annoy you on tumblr?
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Θ - If you could have three wishes, what would they be?