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17: rain kiss

"Ah shit," Adrian muttered as he rifled through his empty pockets. Thunder cackled through the sky, ever ominous, as if the pouring rain wasn’t enough to warn them that this situation wasn’t just bad - it was awful. The sun had set several hours ago, and he and Morgan had clearly lost track of time after their ‘dinner date’ (which, he reminded himself per Morgan’s voice, was not actually a date - a real date would require the presumption of something more than friendship, after all). They’d had one deal in coming out - she would bring the cash, he would bring the keys. Adrian had been so sure when he left that he’d grabbed them but well… either he didn’t, or he lost them.

In the end, what really mattered was it was way past midnight, meaning everyone inside of the building would be asleep by now. A storm waged above them, soaking them to the bone. And they sure as hell weren’t going to manage to get inside any time soon. Adrian’s mind was too busy thinking of the different ways they could try to sneak in to hear Morgan’s witty commentary. The main lock was too complex to merely use a bobby pin to break in. The windows would all be latched down by now because of the rain. As far as he could tell, their night would be spent trying to remain enough under the small protection above the front door to stay mildly dry and warm.

Tonight already wasted away when Morgan had drawn the lines in the sand about their date not being an actual date. If she knew his intentions to tell her how he felt recently… would she have said something so flippant? Granted, he doubted she’d meant any offense in saying so. Their relationship allowed for light banter almost constantly; something both of them relished in. Of course, they had their fair few fights, but each one of them, in Adrian’s eyes mind, made them closer in the end. Even now, he could tell she’d be annoyed at him for a long while about this, but in a few months, they’d both laugh at the memory along with poking one another about if they really had their keys or not.

None of that really mattered though, not in hindsight when Adrian might not even be living here in a weeks time. His second semester of college had just finished, and summer dawned upon them (as if the sudden storm hadn’t been a good enough indicator of that in itself). His father, though not approving of Adrian’s preference for his art classes, was impressed with his grades through both semesters. Much to Adrian’s surprise, his father had called two nights before to offer him a chance to return to Court for the summer and attend whatever college in the world he wanted to go to. Before leaving Alder, so many of his friends were already talking about heading to the outskirts of NYC or Chicago. Both colleges were close enough to a city to provide entertainment, while being outside enough to be protected by Guardians. Hell, even colleges in LA apparently had high Moroi attendances with little to no threats of Strigoi due to the longer hours of sun throughout the year. So many options with promises of excitement throughout the year… all at his fingertips.

Only one person stood in his way of getting whatever he wanted.


At first, Adrian hadn’t even realized how much he’d begun to fall for the fiery red-head across the hall. Everything came so naturally between them, that despite having to hide away his real world from her, he found no need to keep his door closed and his life here cut away from her in the slightest. He didn’t have to hide that he’d rather blast The Rolling Stones than Rihanna. Didn’t have to hide that colour palettes were important to him. Okay, so he might have gotten a little teasing on that last point, but no where near as bad as he had while in school. Not only that; but he found himself laughing and smiling almost every day just because. Not just so that he could appear happy or friendly, but just because that’s what came naturally (most of the time) while with Morgan. Being around her had become an addiction in itself of sorts. And when she had come home one day with another guy and closed her door… it was almost as if a door in his heart had been closed as well.

Now that the guy had left, and her door began to remain open again though… Adrian didn’t want the door to close ever again. What it came down to though, was what Morgan wanted. He’d wanted to tell her how he felt - and see if she reciprocated. If she did… well then, he’d just stay here another year and continue to grow alongside her in their third floor apartments. If not… he’d spend the night packing and grab the first bus to the airport in the morning.

The time for words however, had long since passed. He needed to take action, and what the hell, their clothes were already soaked anyways. Grabbing her slick hand, Adrian pulled Morgan out onto the sidewalk so that the rain could soak them further. Through the dim light of the walkway lamps, he could see her annoyed expression but ignored it, giving her a small grin. “Sorry for screwing up, but maybe this will make up for it.” He cut off Morgan’s quick retort with his rain wettened lips pressing into her own, his free hand winding into her drenched locks and pulling her closer, allowing his actions to speak for him, pouring every ounce of confusion, adoration, and frustration into the kiss as lightning struck, illuminating everything around them. It was almost as if that one single kiss caused the world to light up - and for Adrian, it did so much more. 


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