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   Last ooc post before bed, I promise;
I just wanted you all to know that I’ve been working, as I’ve said a couple times before, on a multicharacter 1x1 (that’s not really a 1x1 but shhh) writing blog, mainly so I could keep all the muses I can’t manage on single blogs together.
As for now, I’m putting together eleven bios (LOL I hate myself);
two of them are existing muses that I’m moving, aka Holmes ( stockholmesx ) and Robin ( iinfernum ), plus two are muses I used to have but abandoned, aka Anya ( longlostanya ) and Hell ( huntwoods ).
The rest it’s either completely new characters or muses I had on old forum boards, but the point is: if you wanna plot and write something of consistency, I would really, really love to, so you can come find me HERE. It’s still a heavy work in progress, since only three bios have been completed, but I’ll be working on it over the rest of the week so hopefully it’ll be ready soon. Come write with me, maybe? ♥

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Crying. Like, a lot. I couldn’t post it from Denmark and I forgot to do it when I was back, but now I’ve seen this again and dammit, Cece, we need to make youa statue. And I hope you know that all those things are 100% true for you as well and I love you dearly and think you’re one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling friends, so, I just 

*snuggles real tight*

(So I gave in and started watching a new show. And it’s, like, very manly, but it’s still so cool and the mainstory is great, I can feel an AU coming out of it, assuming I find people wanting to do it; two thieves/lovers strike the theft of their lives but get caught; she escapes, he doesn’t, and after serving fifteen years in jail he comes back to find she’s married with two kids, and forces himself back into her life with all kinds of sexual tension, like you have no idea).

+ thehiddenaura

     Let me guess, another
      wannabe Janis Joplin. 
     Take this bit of advice,
     sweetheart; there is no
     place in this city for any
     more of those.

+ princxpskenway

How foolish of you usurpers to
  think the sea is your ally.
  Has nobody taught you that sharks
  love the taste of blood?.

           + itsmxdness

I’m sorry, the losers’ bar is just down the street,
this one’s for actual musicians.


Mutuals, like for a thing?
Verses may vary, but Ariel & NYC!Morgan
might happen, we’re kinda bloodthirsty today.




" Morgan —- You’re getting
   worse than Leeroy. 

             Third drunk and disorderly
                                      this w e e k… “

Do I get an award?
       Wait, do I get handcuffs this
                             …this time?
 Damn Sheriff, I knew you liked it kinky,
 but I play for the other team, ‘msorry.




"—hardly worth it."

—got a problem?